Get started by activating your HR Vale account via Mobile.
1. How you can utilize the HR Vale mobile app on your Android phones?
Step 1: Find Google Play Store
On your phone applications, search for the Google Play Store.
Step 2: Download the HR Vale app
In the Google Play Store, search for the HR Vale app and click install.
Step 3: Installation
After successful installation, you will be prompted to enter your PIN Code.
Step 4: Assign a PIN Code
Assign a PIN and click submit.
Step 5: Sign in
Once done entering your PIN, click Sign in.  You can now access the HR Vale App from your phone screen. 
2. How to reset your PIN code in the HR Vale app?
Step 1: HR Vale app
Go to your HR Vale app.
Step 2: Click Forgot PIN
Click Forgot PIN.
Step 3: Assign a new PIN Code
Assign a new PIN and click submit.
Step 4: Sign In
You will be prompted to sign in and enter your new PIN Code.
3. What are the mobile requirements for the HR Vale app for Android phones?
HR Vale mobile app is your one-stop solution that gives you easy access to everything that you need for optimal work productivity and efficiency. Below are the mobile requirements for Android users.
 Android 7.0 and up
 Minimum Specs
Recommended Specs
 Front Camera: 5MP and up
 CPU: Tri Core
 Storage: 16GB
 4G LTE / 5G capable or Wi-Fi     capable
 Geolocation  capable *
Front Camera: 5MP and up
CPU: Quad Core
RAM: 4GB and up
Storage: 32GB
4G LTE / 5G capable or Wi-Fi capable
Geolocation capable *
HR Vale Mobile App Features
1. What is Mobile News Feed in the HR Vale App? 
News Feed mobile platform is where user can see the latest announcements and updates so that the user or employee can keep themselves up-to-date with the latest happenings in their Organization.
2. What are the Services in the HR Vale App? 
3. How do I Clock In and Out using HR Vale App? 
Employees who are working from home, working at your office, working in a field area or just anywhere. HR Vale Clock in and out help teams track time easily with GPS and geofenced time clocks. Based on location, your team can automatically clock in when in the radius of work or Job sites.
Clocking in and out is simple, it means tracking the hours that employees work by recording the time at which they start and end their shifts.
On the Clock In / Out icon, just click In to show the time you began your shift and to record the time at which you start or arrive at work.
To Clock Out, just click Out to record your time of departure from work and to signify that you have ended your shift and left work.
4. How to Request Leave using HR Vale App?
As an employee, you are able to view and manage your leaves, get quick access to leave balances, history, and requests using your HR Vale App.
Leave Dashboard
You are able to view your Leave Entitlement and manage your leaves in a very detailed manner. To view Employee’s leave go to the HR Vale App Services icon and click on Leave.
Leave Entitlement
Click Leave Entitlement icon to view the Employees detailed common leave entitlements. Employees can view the complete leave details that shows a list of all historical leaves taken and pending. It shows leave taken and accrued for each employee over a given period of time.
Apply Leave
Step 1: In the Leave Dashboard, click the Apply Leave button.
Step 2: In the Apply Leave Dashboard, you will see the Employee’s available Leave   balances. Select Leave Type and Leave duration. Select your leave date or days for the Leave request. You will need to fill out the reason for applying a leave request.
Step 3: Submit Leave Request
 Once done, at the bottom, click Apply Leave. The Approver or Immediate Supervisor will receive an email notifying your Leave request for approval.
5. How to view Employees Schedule?
As an employee, you are able to view and manage your work schedule. Get quick access to your everyday Clock In and Out using your HR Vale App Schedule icon.
6. Attendance
Attendance icon on HR Vale Services app let’s employees view the summary of Clock In and Out. On the Attendance icon, select Date, input Date From and To and click Search to show the summary of Employees Attendance.
7. How to apply Overtime (OT)?
Overtime (OT) icon on HR Vale Services let’s Employees apply Overtime. Click Apply OT, select Date From and To, add Request Date, add details of OT in the comment tab and Click submit. The Approver and Immediate Supervisor will be notify via email of the sent Overtime request of Employee.
8. How to view Payslip?
HR Vale Services Payslip icon, it provides Employees and users with the ability to view online payslips and salary payment histories. To view Payslips, enter your PIN Code and click Submit.
9. Benefits
HR Vale Services Benefits icon let’s Employees view the list of Company provided benefits.
10. How to view list, history and Loan balances?
In the HR Vale Loan icon, Employees and Users can view the list of Loan, its history and Loan Balances. In the Loan Balance, go to Select Loan Type, click the View Details tab to show the Loan details – Type of Loan, Loan Date, Start of Payment, Loan Type, Principal Amount of Loan, Schedule of Deduction, Monthly Amortization, Reason of applying Loan and its Status.
11. Approval
HR Vale Approval Icon lets the Approver and Immediate Supervisor view the list of Employees Overtime and Leave of Absence application. It also shows the summary of filed Overtime and Leave of Absence in a given date by selecting the Date range.
12. How does HR Vale work? 
HR Vale is a trusted Fintech application which provides financial services to active and regular employees in a short term salary advances.
It is a cost-free and risk-free salary loan facility that companies can use to augment employee benefits. HR Vale provides employees quick access to cash to address urgent financial needs.
How can an employee apply for HR Vale Loan?
To apply for a HR Vale loan, an individual should be an employee of HR Vale partner company and also enrolled in the system. Once enrolled, the employee may apply for a HR Vale loan through the HR Vale mobile app.
To apply
Go to the HR Vale icon, click apply Vale.
In the Apply Vale tab, it shows the Available Loan Balances, Details of applied Loan and input reason for applying the Vale loan. Click the Apply Loan and a prompt message is seen as Vale Applied Successfully!
Employees and User can also view the available Loan Balance. It also shows the Vale details (Loan details), Loan Date, Amortization, Loan Amount, Effectivity of Loan, Interest Rate, Start of Payment, Total Amount Paid, Status of Vale Loan and the Reason for applying the Vale Loan.
How can the employee qualify for a HR Vale Loan?
Only employees of partner companies may apply for HR Vale Loan.
To qualify for loan, an employee must be reporting as a full-time regular employee of the company.
How do I repay my HR Vale Loan advance?
Hassle-free repayments with your employer to automatically repay via salary deduction.